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Trillion Plastics Pvt. Ltd. situated in industrial estate Satpur, Nasik, Maharashtra, India, is credibly producing ANAND & VIJAY brand PVC, reinforced, spiraled, coiled, Suction and Delivery hoses, ANAND FLEX brand PVC tubings & Garden tubes and TRILLION brand Nylon Braided Hose, with indigenous technical know-how.

Guaranteed quality, durable, dependable, most reliable hoses at the most reasonable prices, so very popular and widely accepted. The hose has a specific characteristic of keeping the same Diameter while bending or handling being flexible one.

The hose is made by spirals, and it has various uses and applications increases efficiency in many areas such as, Agriculture, Industry, Civil construction, Engineering, Ship building etc. The hose has sound technical features and looks like one conveying tube.

PVC pipe systems used in water and sewage articulation, drainage and discharge systems, building construction applications and advanced irrigation.

PVC flexible hoses reinforced with rigid plastic composites or yarn and used in most industrial, agriculture and household applications.
Civil Construction
Ship Building
'ANAND' & 'VIJAY' Brand Suction and Delivery Hose
PVC Tubing &
Garden Tubes
Nylon Braided Hose
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Manufacturers of PVC hose, PVC reinforced hose , Rock drill pneumatic hose, PVC braided hose, PVC nylon braided hose, PVC flexible hose, PVC garden hose, PVC clear hose, PVC suction hose  in India.

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